Wira Foto Fest 2011 Programme features are:

WIRA FOTO FEST AWARD // submission period from July 15th – August 15th 2011
Exhibition Period from 15th September – 25th December 2011

Professional and Non-Professional Photographers from all over Asia are invited to submit their work to the Wira Foto Fest Award until August 15th.
All infos on our AWARD page.



Date: September 15th to September 25th 2011
Location: Publika @ Solaris Dutamas

Date: September 26th to December 15th 2011
Location: Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3 different photography exhibitions taking place in Publica @ Solaris Dutamas and Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.
All infos on our EXHIBITION page

MASTERCLASS // Sept 16th. 2011 9:00 am – 5pm
Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium @ MATIC Jalan Ampang
Offering an exclusive insight, advise and lectures by a photographic
professionals in helping you to Grow Your Business and Sharpen Your Talent and

Moderator: Graham Perkins

SIFU SESSION // Sept 17th. 2011
Panggung Aniversari @Tasik Perdana/Lake Garden
Offering an exclusive One2One “portfolio review” with Leading Photo Masters
to evaluate your potentials and get a professional advise and assessment on your

TIPS & TRICKS // Sept 17th. 2011
Panggung Aniversari @Tasik Perdana/Lake Garden  
Offering an exclusive vocational training from our Leading Photo Masters to
realise your potential of skills and talent to jumpstart your career undertaking!

WAGA WAGA NIGHT // Sept 18th. 2011, 8:00 pm – 12:00 pm
Panggung Aniversari @Tasik Perdana/Lake Garden
Meet over 500 fellow photographers from various backgrounds, business and
disciplines for networking to help build new relationships and further establish
your presence in the market place!


Amri Ginang
Photographer, Malaysia
Amri Ginang was born in Sabah, Malaysia and studied photography in London. He later worked as in-house commercial photographer in Stockholm and is now based in KL again where he does shoots for clients all over. Foto © Amri Ginang





Abas Hassan
Photographer, Malaysia
Abas Hassan is a professional photography practitioner currently conducting professional photography courses, workshops, and training in several leading local universities, government agencies, private institutions and camera users. // Foto © Peter Lee





Bustamam Mokhtar
Photographer, Malaysia
Bustamam Mokhtar, 39 is Malaysia’s giant figure in fashion photography. He has been in the industries 14 years, since then his touch is undeniable. Malaysian celebrities that has worked with Bustamam includes Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain, Erra Fazira and Mawi.
Foto © Bustamam Mokhtar





Fabian Sixtus Koerner
Photographer/Designer, Germany
Fabian Sixtus Koerner is an award winning photographer, architect, graphic designer, blogger and full time Design-Journeyman whose work is exhibited worldwide and published in renowned media. // Foto © Fabian Sixtus Körner






Rarindra Prakarsa
Photographer, Indonesia
Rarindra Prakarsa is a Jakarta, Indonesia based photographer being famous for capturing the unseen beauty of his home country from an artist’s point of view. Especially the special way of post production on his photographs made his work popular all over the world and even an post processing effect was named after him. The Rarindra Prakarsa effect.
Portfolio Page // Foto © Rarindra Prakarsa





Russel Wong
Photographer, Singapore
Russel Wong (b. 1961, Singapore) is one of the most profiled photographers in Singapore and Asia. Described as a ‘celebrity photographer who also photographs celebrities’, Wong enjoys the acclaim of being the first Singaporean to break into the notoriously difficult Hollywood movie industry. He is also one of an elite group of photographers assigned to photograph covers for Time magazine. // Foto © Russel Wong




Zainudin Arshad
Photographer, Malaysia
Dinarshad, an UiTM graduate, is active as part-time photography educator for program at International Islamic University, University Technology Malaysia (space) and was external examiner for Photography program at UiTM, speakers for various photography talks at local university and government agencies. // Foto © dinarshad studio


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