The Wirakanta Group was established in 2010 to supports professional, amateur and student photography and lends a regional platform for the photographic industry to communicate, converge and showcase current trends in Photojournalism, Fine Art and Commercial Photography.
Our Objectives

•    To promote and support photography and photographer’s publicity
to a worldwide and regional photographic audience.

•    To enable photographers to have their work seen internationally
via a centralized resource centre.

•    To provide various annual meetings and symposium grounds
for a global industry to converge and facilitate exchange within the market.


Through our various program initiatives, we will enable young professionals to take their first steps into a regional photographic career, by providing invaluable experience within our professional capacity. We create unique opportunities for both amateurs and professionals to communicate with their contemporaries across the region, meet with and be critiqued by leading industry figures.


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  1. airul says:

    how to join your group?

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